Mash Tun 40L, 60L or 90L capacity. 

Mash Tun 40L, 60L or 90L capacity

  • Stainless Steel Mash Tun available in 40L, 60L or 90L capacity, complete with lid.

    The mash tun comes with false bottom, valve and barb, thermometer and is available with or without our sparge system. The Mash tun is designed to be used as part of HERMS system but can also be used as a stand alone unit.




    Our own design sparge system with stainless valve input for pump connection, spray tube which can be adjusted to give the desired spray pattern over the grains, simple but effective design.


     Mash tun can be fully customised to your requirements. Please email with your specifications for pricing on customised kettles.