Temperature Controlled Stainless Steel Brew Kettle 40L, 60L or 90L capacity. Basic Boil Kettle set up.

Temperature Controlled Stainless Steel Brew Kettle 40L,60L or 90L capacity

  • Stainless Steel Brew Kettle available in 40L, 60L or 90L capacity, complete with lid. This kettle  comes complete with HE1 2500W heating element, our EC3 electronic element controller with thermowell, sensor and float switch, Valve and barb, and sight glass .  The temperature can be set and maintained automatically will the EC3 controller, see elsewhere on the website for full specifications of the EC3 controller.

    PLEASE NOTE: Although shown in the photo this kettle is supplied with sight glass only as the controller gives temperature reading so no manual thermometer is required.

     Kettles can be fully customised to your requirements. Please email for pricing on customised kettles.